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Direct Engagement

By electing to pay agency locums directly rather than via the agency supplying them, many Trusts are making significant savings.

We are able to provide you with a direct engagement (“DE”) model from Holt Workforce Management via LMS Recruitment Systems (“LMS”), our online end-to-end recruitment and booking management system.

Our DE model is designed to work with existing external supply arrangements we have in place with you – whether as a managed service/master vendor or as part of a preferred supplier list.

The model has been developed by Holt Workforce Management and reviewed by a leading firm of accountants - and we can provide the service as an awarded supplier under the HTE Lot 5 Direct Engagement Framework.

The DE model will enable payments to be processed for each of the following types of doctor:
  • Doctor as “independent contractor” working for you directly
  • Doctor as an “employed locum” working for you directly
  • Doctor works for you directly through a Personal Service Company (PSC) – limited company
  • Doctor works for you directly through an Umbrella Company
The DE model will enable all payments to be made to these doctors to be processed through the system – irrespective of the vehicle through which they supply services and their VAT status.

Based in our experience at other Trusts, we expect 95% of doctors to go through the DE model, of which 80%+ will not charge VAT.

Benefits of DE model via Holt Doctors and LMS
  • Highly competitive management fee – when compared to other DE providers
  • Fully integrated with bank and agency management solutions through LMS
  • Quick turnaround of implementation – only 3-5 weeks where LMS in place
  • Additional checking service of PSC  company  information by Holt Doctors – enhanced accuracy
  • Reduction in administrative work – electronic process
  • Detailed management information – effectively monitor usage and savings made
  • Weekly payroll – option to outsource to payroll bureau
  • Bespoke to the Trust’s requirements – ability to quickly adapt LMS and DE procedure to match any process developments which arise at the Trust
  • Full training and support provided.