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Agency Management

Full control and visibility over your agency bookings – reducing spend and ensuring compliance

If a job is not filled from your internal bank or substantive staff then LMS, our recruitment and booking portal, can automatically cascade out to your selected external agencies – according to your preferred agency management solution.
  • Framework approved agencies only added to LMS.
  • Automated timescales for each tier - with a send now option for hard to fill or urgent bookings.
  • Agency pay rates set according to NHS Improvement requirements.
  • All proposed candidates submitted via LMS to Trust – ensuring compliance checks completed and alerts as per NHS Employment Check Standards.
  • LMS automatically shows how far down the cascade the job is – all time/date stamped – if a job is amended or cancelled, LMS automatically emails agencies, saving you time.
  • Auditable override and authorisation process for rates – in line with NHS Improvement requirements.
  • Induction details, timesheets and feedback forms sent out to candidates via LMS.
  • Online timesheet entry – breaks automatically deducted, authorised rates pulled through and set authorisation levels.
Agency management solution to suit your Trust’s particular requirements

Holt Workforce Management and LMS currently support a variety of agency management solutions, and will work with you to develop the most appropriate solution for you.  For example,
Our contracts and implementation team will work with you to understand the particular challenges your Trust or individual departments experience; looking at the size of medical staffing teams and the support required and the current processes and systems in place - we will then advise you on best solution for your Trust.

Established agency relationships

With over 70 agencies working with us already, including all the top agencies, we are fully familiar with each agency’s strengths for particular specialties or regions, and can advise you which Trusts (niche or otherwise) may be best placed to support you.